The Division of Continuing Education (DCE) announces the redesign of the Division’s main website and pages for all of its programs:

The redesign culminates a year-long effort to bring consistency across the Division’s web platforms with a focus on continuing education and user experience in mind.

“Our new designs are focused on putting human interaction first and guiding our users, from prospective students to current degree candidates, alums and curious learners through all of the pathways of continuing education that DCE offers,” Dean Nancy Coleman said. “As the overarching “umbrella” for our programs here at Harvard, it made sense that we focused first on creating more cohesion under the name of DCE, as it really serves as the gateway to the rest of what we have to offer.”

Last year, DCE websites saw more than 10 million visitors combined. Serving this many unique visitors required an updated design and user experience that showcases DCE, its programs and its community. The new design allows for the addition of bold photography, engaging video and captivating content that is as appealing on a mobile device as it is on a desktop or tablet.

In the coming weeks more students stories, staff highlights and other content will be added to the website to build a more robust content library for visitors to engage with.